Institutional memory and scientific heritage: faculty personal archives at the University of São Paulo by José Francisco Guelfi Campos


Memory is an issue that stimulates debates among theorists in many fields of knowledge, who consider it under different prisms. The reflections I aim to share in this paper come from a specific reality: the initiatives towards the preservation of faculty personal archives at the University of São Paulo, repositories of not only their creators’ individual memory, but of the university itself and, by extension, of significant part of Brazilian scientific life. First, I examine the nature of recordkeeping in such archives, showing how it challenges traditional archival theory paradigms. After that, I explore the relation between archives and memory, debating its commercial and symbolic values by crossing contributions from Sociology of Science, History and Archival Science, three generally inarticulate disciplines in theoretical debate despite their intimate and necessary bond. Finally, I discuss the crucial role played by such archives in documenting teaching and research processes, borrowing the notion of scientific field formulated by Pierre Bourdieu and extending it to university working environment, pointing out questions on the creation of memorial policies towards the preservation of faculty personal archives and the access to their records.

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Los Archivos de la Secretaria de Relaciones de Honduras: Su Rescate, Ordenamiento Reciente y Futuro by Nilda Lizeth López Fernández


On December 2009 the basement of the building that houses the archives of Honduras’ Secretary of Foreign Affairs was flooded. This article describes the efforts to rescue and organize the documents in the archives of the Secretariat. The goal of the Secretariat is to establish an archives system that would facilitate access to the documents.

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Welcome Message from Co-Chairs

We welcome you to Memoria, the blog of the Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives Roundtable. It is our goal to use this tool to share information and news related to Latin American and Caribbean archives. This blog will also provide articles written by colleagues engaged with Latin American and Caribbean collections in the United States. Furthermore, the blog will also include articles written by archivists in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This new blog is also part of important developments from LACCHA. On October 2013 an Ad Hoc Steering Committee was created with the task of revising the mission of LACCHA, the roundtable’s handbook and by-laws. The Committee will submit a report during the summer, which will be part of our discussion during next year’s business meeting at the SAA Annual Meeting.

We hope this blog becomes a tool not only for sharing information, but also to engage in rich conversations about Latin American and Caribbean archives and archivists.

All the best,

Joel A. Blanco-Rivera and Natalie Baur