Call for Nominations

Dear members of LACCHA:

The Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage and Archives Roundtable is making a call for nominations for the positions of one Co-chair and one Online Communications Liaison.

The Co-Chair is an elected position that runs for two years (first year: junior Co-chair, second year: senior Co-chair). The duties of a Co-chair are: help organize the business meeting in the 2016 and 2017 SAA annual meeting; help organize and sponsor panels for the annual meeting; be the contact person between council and the roundtable and to represent the group regarding issues that affect the membership.

The Online Communications Liaison will: maintain and update the LACCHA (SAA) microsite; after the annual meeting, post to the website updated contact information for new elected officers; post annual report, minutes and any announcements to the LACCHA (SAA) microsite as needed; maintain LACCHA’s blog, Memoria, and solicit and/or schedule blog postings; edit and lay out blog sections with the advice of the Co-Chairs; revise and edit blog postings; add links to the LACCHA Facebook page when a new blog publication is available; announce new additions to the blog on the LACCHA listserv and other social media outlets; add relevant links and news items from the LACCHA listserv and social media outlets to the blog on a regular basis; coordinate social media communications; post relevant links to LACCHA social media outlets regarding roundtable official business, news and information relevant to the group’s mission and encourage members to post articles, photos and/or news to the group’s social media outlets.

For more information on the roundtable and the elected positions, please see the bylaws:

Please send nominations to current Co-chairs Natalie Baur (nataliembaur [at] gmail [dot] com) or Margarita Vargas-Betancourt (mvargasb [at] ufl [dot] edu. Nominations are open until Wednesday, May 27, 2015.