2015 LACCHA Annual Meeting Agenda

August 19, 2015
5-7 PM
Cleveland, Ohio
SAA Joint meeting between International Archival Affairs (IAA) Roundtable and Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives (LACCHA) Roundtable


5:00 Welcome and Introductions (Natalie Baur and Christian Kelleher)

5:10 Introduction to the Itinerant Archivist idea, model, and project (Natalie Baur, Christian Kelleher, Francine Snyder)

5:15 Presentations by Jorge Yepez and Judy Blankenship on archives and archivology in Ecuador

(English translation of Yépez’s talk will be distributed to membership in advance)

6:00 Open discussion of projects with Jorge and Judy, outreach to Ecuador, and how to promote SAA archivists getting involved internationally

6:20 LACCHA Business

  • Election results
  • Ad-hoc committee appointments for webinar project

6:30 IAART Business

  • Election results

6:40 SAA Council and other liaison reports

6:50 Open floor for membership news

7:00 Meeting adjournment


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