Update on Archives in Mexico

Dear Lachistas,

We are lending our support to fellow Mexican archivists and library professionals by making public a collective letter they composed to raise awareness about a governmental reform that seeks to control access and transparency of archival repositories. This reform threatens the humanistic mission of the Archivo General de la NaciĆ³n (AGN) with budget cuts of 78%; more worrisome, the AGN’s will be placed under the supervision of the Secretaria de GobernaciĆ³n which might potentially lead to censorship. As Enrique Chmelnik discussed in our annual meeting in Atlanta, the reform will also undermine private archives. Given the violence, constant violation of human rights, lack of accountability, and lack of transparency, this is not a positive picture.


Ana Rodriguez, LACCHA co-chair

Link to open letter from Mexican archivists: http://www.h-mexico.unam.mx/node/18497