Translations of SAA Guides and Pamplets

By: Lauren Goodley

A new initiative led by LACCHA co-chair Ana D. Rodríguez aims to expand the mission and reach of SAA and make it multicultural.  The group, including Fernando Herranz, Amanda Moreno, Belinda Cavazos, Ximena Valdivia, María Isabel Molestina-Kurlat, and Roberto Pareja, have teamed with SAA Publications Editor Chris Prom to translate the popular pamphlet, “Donating Personal/Family Papers.” This document is now available as “Guía para donar sus documentos personales o familiares a un depósito,” on the SAA website “About Archives” tab (, with the other guides and documents on the right column, or directly at

This translation is in addition to the “Guía para donar los Registros de su Organización a un depósito,” (“Donating Organizational Records”).

The group is currently working on a translation of “A Guide to Deeds of Gift.”



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